Shipment Instructions

Ship sample overnight (Monday through Thursday) to:

Peter H. Byers, MD
Department of Pathology
Rm. H-561, Health Science Bldg.
1959 NE Pacific Street
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7470

Phone: 206-543-0459

Shipping Instructions:

Ship via express carrier (such as FedEx, UPS or DHL)

Do NOT bill Recipient (the Collagen Diagnostic Laboratory)

Do NOT send specimens for weekend or U.S. holiday delivery

All specimens should be appropriately packaged to avoid crushing, breakage or leakage.  Send at room temperature.  Requisition Forms MUST accompany all specimens.  If specimens for more than one individual are being submitted, please make sure that each specimen and Requisition Form is clearly marked with the patient’s name.

International Samples: An import permit is not required by the USDA in order to ship a sample to the CDL from outside the continental United States. However, to ensure that the sample arrives quickly, you may want to contact your international courier for clarification.  Often, indicating that the enclosed cells or DNA are for clinical diagnostic testing and that have no commercial value will expedite shipment.